Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter

Facebook –


The main advantage of social media marketing is cost-related. The majority of social media sites are free to access, create a profile and post information. The advantage of reaching your targeted market for little or no cash investment is substantial, and the audience wanting your information voluntarily joins or follows you, (Sandilands, N.D).

It’s been a big year for Facebook, and today The Social Network underlined just how big, releasing its fourth quarter and full-year results for 2015. And the numbers are pretty amazing. First off, there’s user growth – Facebook’s reported that Daily Active Users (DAUs) were at 1.04 billion, on average, for December 2015, an increase of 17%, year-on-year, (Hutchinson, 2016)

social media grapgh

Below is a screenshot of Adventures’s Facebook page, I have used the photo featuring on my home page on my website and then added Adventure’s logo below it. I have done this because it straight away tells the customers what style of clothing the business is sells, and also the logo is very prominent at the same time. Also the cover photo sets an  impression about the style of clothing, the photo is very good quality therefore customers would expect the business to provide a good service and be high quality. Finally I have also added a ‘Shop Now’ button which will directly take the customers to the Adventure website, this is a good feature because it means that customers can easily access the store and therefore be more likely to purchase.

final facebook cover

I have also created a twitter page, i have used the same photos and logo’s as my Facebook page because i want everything to be consistent. I have added a link directly to the website, as well as the location of the business and a short description of the business, just so that customers can quickly identify what the business sell, this is the same on my Facebook page. I have also updated both social media accounts, and have offers and promotions advertised on both, I’ve also advertised new stock coming into the store which will be an effective and quick way to tell customers about new products, also which will hopefully entice the customers to go onto the website and hopefully made a purchase.

twitter page final

Before I created my social media pages, I researched some similar businesses and looked at theirs and how they had been created. As you can see below Mulberry have used their logo as their profile picture and a sample of one of their products as a cover photo. This portrays the kind the products that they sell and the type of quality. They also have an extensive photo gallery with over 200 photos, and some basic description of the business and basic contact details.


Reference List

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Hutchinson, A (2016) Facebook Releases 4th Quarter and Full-Year Results for 2015 [Online] Available: [Accessed: 14th March 2016].


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